RACS Cleaning Services Malta
Racs Cleaning Services Malta
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Welcome to RACS Cleaning Services

RACS is a professional cleaning company, offering a wide range of cleaning services and handyman services in Malta. Ever since we started operating in February 2004, we have built a solid reputation as one of the leading contract cleaning companies in Malta. We have always strived hard to offer an impeccable cleaning service tailored to each client’s individual requirements.

Our policy is to give a dedicated service and achieve the best result possible. Every step is taken to provide a quality and reliable managed solution to suit your cleaning needs. We have always obtained the best possible outcome to one’s utmost satisfaction in securing a clean and safe environment. All of our staff wear smart uniforms and are well equipped with VHF radios and other modern apparatus to facilitate communication, thus performing their duties in a more efficient way.

All our supervisors are certified in health and safety, and abide by the stipulated regulations to uphold and ensure the unsurpassed service that we provide. All our vehicles have our company logo and telephone numbers printed on them, thus instantly divulging any information required.


• Plastering and painting
• Electrical and pluming
• Garden maintenance
• Water heater installation
• Water tanks installation
• All types of water proofing, etc...
Maintenance Service Racs Malta


• Window Cleaning
• Domestic and industrial cleaning
• Cleaning after all types of events
• Carpet Cleaning
• Boat & Yacht Cleaning, etc...
Cleaning Service Racs Malta

Bulk Refuse

• Building debris material
• Wooden material
• Furniture
• White Goods
• Gardening material, Waste material, etc...

Bulk Refuse Service Racs Malta

Other Services

• Removing and disposing of TV aerials from your roof
• Fixing of fitted carpets
• Hand washing of cars on your site
• Cleaning of air conditioning filters, etc...

Other Services Racs Malta
Racs Cleaning Services Malta
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